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discussing the causes and impacts of the boston tea party which took place on december 16th 1773. this event in washington last about an hour. [applauding] >> again i just want to say thanks to the staff of the library. this is a wonderful institution, not just for its programming, but a wonderful institution for scholars. the archives and archival material and records that they have here are difficult or even impossible to find elsewhere in the united states. it's a real benefit to scholars like myself. keeping with that actually the beginning and ending of my talk, the evidence is drawn from the revolutionary war pension records, which is one of the many items that they have here in the collection. so thanks to all of you for coming. in 1820a61 year-old ohio blacksmith with no more than $70 worth of property to his name made a startling admission in court. i was on board the east india companies ship and the harbor at boston and assisted in throwing the tea overboard on the 18th of december. being been 15 years of age. well, he was off by two days. the boston tea party to place on november
discusses the causes and impacts of the boston tea party which took place in 1773. the american revolution and -- [audio difficulty] >> who were these participants, why did they do what they did because that's a question i think most historians have avoided. and finally, i wanted to talk about the involvement of women in boston. they help connect the tea party participants to one another because some of them were related by marriage. there are some stories they helped the men prepare for the tea party beforehand and then helped them clean up, the soot and stuff off their faces afterwards. those are some minor ways in which women were important. the main ways were, a, their participation in boycotts of tea were going to be crucial, right? because who is that's serving tea, who is it that's participating in all the ceremonies at the tea table? it's women. if you can't get them to go along with the boycott, any chance of getting people to push tea away on principle was doomed to failure. so women were incredibly important in that respect. and then also later on once you get to the 19th centur
hours you hear a rumble out of the storms and otherwise, further north, boston area, the new advisory, calling for up to 6 inches of snow, possible, 60 mile-per-hour gusts, and, between 2-4 inches, per hour, during the overnight hours. so that snow will be accumulating quickly and here's a look at the satellite/radar picture right off the east coast, bringing in heavy snow, extending from parts of jersey northward and, east of philly and new york city getting hit hard and new boston area and you can see to the east, warmer air, keeping that precipitation in the form of rain, and, 20 in philadelphia and 23° in new york city and the wind is picking up out there, and it will make it also a lot colder and these are your current windchills, and albany, new york, and philadelphia and, will continue to drop throughout tonight and keep in mind, that wind, aside from it feeling so cold outside, is also going to be producing problems and blowing and drifting snow and once the storm is get of the area, heading into monday and also on tuesday, you will still have a lot of blowing and drifting, a
, an extraordinary before and after. we all remember those images from a more bitter time, bussing in boston. and how these children are trying to we are write history. >>> and, bing crosby beware? could this be true? why this year, a 10-year-old from pittsburgh, there she is, is taking on bing crosby himself. >>> and later here, a quiz for you all. just how old is rue doll snf just how many elves really help santa? will your answers match our santa? will your answers match our "person of the week"? what it takes: you've gt zantac. it's strong, fast lasting relief. so let them turn up the heat. you can stop that heartburn cold: (sssssssss!!!) zantac. you can stop that heartburn cold: (sssssssss!!!) ah, it's stinging a little bit more than usual! yeah, you'll get used to it. the longer you keep your high mileage car, the more it pays you back. get castrol gtx high mileage. it helps engines last longer by fighting the main causes of engine failure. i think a dime went up my nose. yeah, it happens. don't change your car. change your oil to castrol gtx high mileage. its more than just oil. it's liquid en
to boston and stay with my family. >> as for international flights many are not impacted. it is best that you check with your airline carrier before heading to the sfo. reggie kumar for kron4 news >> the storm system that is keeping many on grad is affecting cities from philadelphia to art to boston. 20 in. of snow is expected in some areas. matra will shave the rough weather it that is becoming a national problem. >> it was an unexpected white christmas for parts of the set these dead as a blizzard makes its way north these the holiday travelers are ready to head on facing pickups in their schedules. >> forever reason only the weather will keep us from our introduce >> c. more than 1000 flights have been canceled but many airlines are waiting airways for cancellations across north carolina and boston. philadelphia declared as no emergency. preparing residence for up to 14 in. of snow and heavy winds. >> it will be a very dangerous circumstance this afternoon into the evening. >> boston policy with before it passed into massachusetts. >> is it scary situation? we will get through it.
the blizzard-like conditions. currently wind gusts at about 26 miles per hour in new york city. boston has seen 35. we've seen even higher gusts than this. long island has gusts as high as 60, 70 miles per hour. and that is just whipping around that wind, creating those blizzard-like conditions, at least for the next couple of hours. new york city really getting hit hard. treacherous travel out there all along the interstates and it looks like into boston, the worst is still yet to come. just for the morning rush hour, and eventually all the snow heading into maine as well. now back to you rob and mike. >> quick question here. when should folks in new york expect all the snow to finally be out of here? >> well, it's going to still be around the early part of the day but i think the worst of it will be ending after about 6:00 or 7:00. so people heading to work early on, you're going to be running into major problems. for the later part of the commute it may not be as bad. snow around through much of the day and blowing snow with that with the winds. it's going to be pretty bad
that a teenager does the body found in a boston -- a teenager's body found in a boston area likely fell from the sky. his clothing was found along a path a boston-bound flight would have taken when approaching the city. >> a psychologist is behind bars tonight, held without bail. he is charged with several counts of child sex abuse. officials began an investigation after reports from two children who were receiving therapy. they asked anyone with information to give them a call. >> a man is in custody after trying to shoot a police officer. he is charged with attempted murder, assault and drug possession. officers were called to his block. police say he fired shots at an officer and then barricaded himself inside his house. nearly six hours later, he surrendered. the investigation is still ongoing. the man behind bars for the murder of a baltimore city police detective has pleaded not guilty. he is accused of hitting the detective in the head with a piece of concrete during a dispute over a parking space. this trial is expected to begin in march. howard county police are investigating a bank
schedule from here to new york and boston. our 9 news now reporter surae chinn was at the union station this morning and talked with passengers trying to get out of town. >> reporter: union station is busier than normal now that amtrak has resumed service to the northeast corridor after canceling trips for the last three days. it was a chance for cunear and his family to return home from a vacation in new york city, even though it took twice as long to get here. >> we couldn't go the full speed because the trains were iced up. >> i knew they were going slow but never thought they would go so slow. >> reporter: not only a longer trip but more crowded. >> oh, yeah, it was extremely full. >> reporter: rudy san philippe is rivaled from boston and needs to get back to californiach he spent the last 24 hours either traveling or spending it at union station. >> flew from boston to washington where my flight to california was canceled. >> reporter: vince's father lives in boston and was told the next flight out is january 3rd. he's turning around and going back to where he started -- boston. ex
covered for you up and down the coast. we'll start, first, in new england. we go to boston, right outside in nantucket, 15 miles west of boston. mike seidel for that. mike? >> good morning. here in boston, it's still snowing but the worst is over with, as far as accumulating snow. temperatures are in the upper 20s. wind is an issue here, too, up and down the east coast. know the snow has ended winds are gusting here in boston up to 45 miles an hour. the boyy in boston harbor an hour ago gusted to 60 miles an hour. that caused problems on the cape where they've had winds all night and this morning. 30,000 customers without power. most on the south coast and the cape. on the south coast, they evacuated a dozen homes. crashing over the seawall. some homes evacuated by the national guard and the local police. amtrak is running now between boston and new york. all three new york city airports are closed until at least 4:00, so that's the only way you're going to get between boston and new york versus flying or taking the train. of course you can drive. roads are in good shape. they've gone bac
warnings in new york city and boston. this is the line. interstate 95 to the west has late winter weather in advisory. to the east, and winter storm warning that starts at 4:00 in the morning. it expires at 6:00 in the morning on monday. with some of the latest models to come in, it could be downgraded. some of these warning areas -- will have the forecast for the last week of 2010. >> we will talk to you again soon. road crews are getting ready for tomorrow's storm. they preach -- many roads today. -- they pretreated many roads today. shoppers were out looking for last-minute supplies. >> it is supposed to be terribly bad. we just want to be ready. >> even more snowfall is predicted for new york and new england. >>> we will have live coverage of the storm live tomorrow morning. you can keep an eye on the weather any time by going to the weather section of >>> while many of us travel for christmas, there are many americans far from home for another reason tonight. the men and women of the armed forces. the men and women of the 101st airborne celebrated christmas in afghanistan. >
there, that is the snow right now. bangor, maine, boston, new york. even some around the d.c. area, although that's definitely starting to taper off. you can see the darker shades of blue, those are the heavy snow bands. we could see 1 to 2 inches per hour. it's not just the snow we're talking about, it's the strong gusty winds and that's what's causing the blizzard-like conditions. currently wind gusts at about 26 miles per hour in new york city. boston has seen 35. and we've seen even higher gusts than this, long island has gusts as high as 60, even 70 miles per hour. that is whipping around the wind, creating the blizzard-like conditions. new york city really getting hit hard. treacherous travel out there all along the interstates and into boston. it looks like the worst is yet to come just for the morning rush hour and eventually all the snow heading into maine as well. >> our thanks to ava dinges from accuweather. >>> for the rest of the morning's weather from around the country, a frosty morning in the south with record lows and windchill warnings as well. parts of northern f
canceled. people like james who has spent the last two days trying to the boston. >> i left at five or six in the morning. >>, the aptly but for what happened next. he planned to sell like city and had his flight canceled. and was shipped back to guess where? the sfo. >> i hope i can make it to boston today. >> at least he has a chance to get it. other it fires and have just given out. it was supposed to be an asset 04 layover. >> as if i could go to arizona. if i could go to a couple of different states and they said every other state even if you wanted to cut flights back to jersey are still booked. >> what are you going to do? >> go back, and read book my flight and hopefully see my family them. >> here is the problem. because of the holiday the flights are booked up with people so it is hard to get the passengers were booked on to other flights. they're telling me as well but they are not getting colors from the airlines because they are so busy. there are some delays and cancellations and when they try and call and get an update of what is happening with their flight they cannot get r
feeling the effects of the east coast blizzard. >> people in suburban new york and boston are seeing snowplows for the first time hit their streets. >> check out this scene. this is in man mouth county, new jersey. -- monmouth county, new jersey. spots got up to 30 inches of snow. it wasn't until last night that the snowplows hit the streets. the governor and lieutenant- governor can't get home. >> the fresh snow may have helped save some lives in maine. ski lift collapsed at sugarloaf sending the chairs plummeting to the ground but the fresh ungroomed snow actually helped soften the fall. eight people were hurt in this. today, state inspectors will head to the scene it look at the lift. >>> it could be until new year's day before air travel gets back to normal. airlines are still trying to get people in and out of new york, philadelphia and boston. 250 passengers in one plane sat on the tarmac for eight hours at jfk because there was no gate. >>> now, somewhat better news for the first time since the weekend, amtrak is on a normal schedule! at union station. >> it is planning a comp
was limited. amtrak us penlded service on its busy corridor between new york and boston. >> been delayed twice now. said only 55 minutes, they pushed it up to an hour. >> reporter: this storm is a powerful nor'easter that came churning up out of the southeast. >> latest reports are qualifying this storm as a blizzard. unfortunately, our city is directly in the path. >> reporter: and as the snow piled up, road conditions deteriorated. how is it out there on the road? >> terrible. it's snowy. low visibility. really bad. >> reporter: but for those who could stay put this sunday after christmas, the snow was actually fun to play in. well, this is not a lot of fun right now, dan. it is really coming down here. and this is, believe it or not, not the worst of it. the worst of it will be overnight when the snow is expected to fall at two or more inches an hour and then let up tomorrow in the morning. dan? >> ron claiborne, thank you for your reporting. get back in the truck. we're going to come back to you later in the show. this is how airports looked last year in the sunday after christmas. packed
boston and new york through at least tomorrow morning. the blizzard for sunday night's showdown between the vikings and eagles to be postponed until tuesday night. the first tuesday game in 64 years. across boston where close to two feet are forecast, an army of plows and sand rerz rolling out, while new york city residents stock up and hunker down. >> i don't have a shovel, i'm not going anywhere for a couple of days, i think. >> reporter: the first white christmas for atlanta in more than a century, leaving behind treacherous conditions for millions of americans driving home. >> four-wheel drive and going slower and mind our ps and qs and we'll be all right i hope. >> reporter: a dangerous winter storm and urgent warning, stay off the roads if you can. >> it's a double-whammy for the nation's highways and roadways. >> reporter: also tonight for air travelers, most airlines are waiving those rebooking fees in the affected areas. they encourage passengers to make changes lester to do that online. >> peter alexander in new york tonight. the weather channel's jim tan to her is at philadel
, a brown the boston area where they are dealing with some light accumulation. -- up around the boston area. the oyster to our south also starts to move up the coast. both of those areas of moisture will be moving into the chilly air that is in place. that means the potential for some more wintry weather over the weekend. more details coming up in a few minutes. >> many of our viewers started sending in your photos. we got shot from westminster showing a dusting of white over the grass and also one from whitehall, where a viewers back porch was covered with snow. of course we would love to see more of your photos. to send them to us, just log on to our website, our other big story tonight, the block is back in business. many adult entertainment clubs work allowed to reopen tonight. >> the fire shut down several buildings. george lettis was there is some of those businesses reopened. he has more on this story tonight from the newsroom. >> the city fire marshall says the scene is now safe and secure enough to give people the kind of night on the town that was shut down all week. t
philadelphia to boston. >> we are kind of stuck here from baltimore. >> james and rebecca had directing -- had their connecting flight to new york canceled. the voyages celebrate their one- year anniversary watching some broadway -- they wanted to celebrate their one-year anniversary watching some broadway shows. the three big airports in new york finally open at 6:00 p.m. gavin roberts and family are trying to get back to los angeles. they have been stuck at bwi marshall since 10:00 a.m. they are connecting flight to boston was canceled and every other flight out there is booked four days. >> we are exhausted and just worn out. >> roberts flight was diverted after seconds from touching down in philadelphia, but the pilot pulled up because winds made a landing too dangerous. >> we are stuck unless we want to wait around until tomorrow and they will fly as to providence, rhode island, and back to philadelphia. we are on our own. >> matt is back home. he was able to get a flight out of boston's logan airport. >> hopefully this they will not last too much longer. >> tonight we are learning that m
couple of hours. boston still going to get another half foot. for maine, the bulk of it's still yet to come. that's going to be a problem throughout much of the day. please be careful if you plan to be driving outside. hopefully you don't have to be outside through today. >> all right, ava, thanks a lot. >>> as mentioned the storm system also left its mark on the southeast over the christmas weekend. historic snowfalls there. >> that's left an enormous amount of holiday travelers stuck in their tracks. as abc's david kerley reports that's only part of the story in philadelphia. >> reporter: well, this winter wallop is making it difficult to get home from the holidays. flights have been canceled all up and down the east coast corridor. and it's not just the airlines. the roads are treacherous as well. and in the south too. this is virginia, which missed a white christmas by a day, but boy is it covered with snow. and the last time atlanta had a white christmas was in 1881, the year before an associate of thomas edison invented electric christmas tree lights. in north carolina, five i
.5 and up in boston where the blizzard will get cranking tonight, 6.5. let me pull this out and show you why this is so interesting. take a look, you can see on the map here, where cape may is located and wilmington and philadelphia, and each of these cities are under 100 miles from cape may, and we saw a difference of a foot of snow plus in terms of accumulation. it really is one of the things about a nor'easter. you get the narrow intense bands of snow and depending where you are you'll get hard hit or not so much. cities like washington, d.c., for example, only saw a few inches, and that's even that far from philly. another phenomenon we've been watching with this nor'easter is thunder snow. a lot of reports of that happening. saw that on twitter, phenomenon where you have an intense snow storm and thunder and lightning just like in a summer thunderstorm except it's happening in the winder. the blizzard warnings continue not just through tonight but through tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow evening, many of these don't expire until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow as that low pressure center works its way u
already been canceled and even amtrak canceling service between new york and boston. here is a look at just some of the pictures of the storm's path in newark, new jersey. the snow clouds are trying to keep the runways cleared and not an easy task as the snow keeps falling. in philadelphia, the storm forcing the cancellation of the minnesota vikings and the philadelphia eagles football game. the nfl moving that game to tuesday night and you'll remember a vikings game postponed a few weeks ago after the minneapolis metrodome roof collapsed under the weight of heavy snow. the snow now, not so heavy in south carolina, but it's still the second snowiest christmas they've had on record and the storm there knocking out power to more than 100,000 customers. and in boston, they are bracing for at least 15 inches, the snow falling steadily and not letting up. we're hearing anytime soon. take a live look now at the crossroads of the world, new york's times square getting the battered by this blizzard. we have fox news coverage, everything you need to know especially if you're travelling. shan
home, because there's no place like home i. was going to boston. >> now where are you going? >> going to wait in line and find out when i can get another ticket. i don't know. i might be going home. >> reporter: the problems started christmas day with planes grounded in atlanta. that ripple effect caused delays nationwide ruining holiday plans. >> i missed christmas with my family. so -- you know, that was sad for us. we usually spend it with my sister, my brother, cousins and we had to police that in order to get out. >> reporter: if they weren't stuck before, they are now. >> laguardia international airport is a ghost town. no one is here. latest report is that laguardia is expected to open not until 7:00 this evening. 9:00 at jfk and 2:00 over at newark. >> reporter: so families who were planning to be back at home instead are sleeping in airports, and pleading for a way to get out. >> talked to the guy and he said they're all booked and about 25 to 50 people on standby. >> all the way out to ohio and pittsburgh, and they're booked solid. >> reporter: plane thats a problem, trains
home. new york, connecticut, boston, d.c., jersey, facing feet of snow in some cases. hundreds of flight, as you can imagine, already cancelled, and cities are loading up the salt trucks because a lot of people hitting the roads as well. no matter if you are flying or driving back home today, you need to hear about this travel forecast. we will tell you when and exactly where this extreme weather is going to hit. from the cnn center, this is your cnn sunday morning. hope you all had a good day yesterday. many of you with your families. thank you for being here this morning. 6:00 a.m. here in atlanta. 2:00 p.m. in baghdad. wherever you may be, glad you're right here. as always, i'm t.j. holmes. want to welcome the troops serving in iraq, afghanistan, and all around the world. thank you for all you do. let's get started. >>> it's going to be a doozy of a couple of days. blizzard warnings up from washington to new york to maine. we're talking here -- this isn't snow you're seeing. this is actually salt. this is going to be one of the best weapons right now that a lot of cities and
the snow. at this hour, the totals. philadelphia, more than a foot. boston, more than 18 inches. in some places, even more. you see there, elizabeth, new jersey. more than 2 1/2 feet of snow. worst of the storm is pushing off to sea. these are live pictures south of boston this evening. in some neighborhoods, they're getting around by boat. we'll head there in just a moment. first, the storm itself and the countless stories of people caught right in the middle of it. sharyn alfonsi among them. >> reporter: good evening. that snow sure was pretty when it fell but with the wind it actually felt like needles hitting your face. now we're left with the real pain, cleaning it all up. look at these giant piles of snow that have covered entire cars and left cities stranded. they're calling it the snow nado. waist high drifts. weird bouts of lightning. blinding 70-mile-an-hour wind gusts. >> sometimes you could see 15 feet in front of you. sometimes 30. sometimes nothing. >> reporter: so much snow it brought the east coast to an eerie standstill. brooklyn, new york. washington, d.c. new port news
is severely impacting travel as it goes east. amtrak canceld service from boston to washington, d.c. thousands of flights have been scrapped. we are getting word jfk airport is officially closed due to the snow. they will reopen at 5:00 a.m. maria how bad is it out there? >> >> well we apologize. maria molina is having microphone problems. the flights in the new york area laguardia, newark, jfk have all been canceled hundreds of flights in philadelphia are canceled. amtrak service has largely been shut down from washington, d.c. through new york and up in boston and above. we will continue to update you with those figures in a moment. >> this monster storm has been wreaking havoc all weekend long particularly down south. a thick blanket of snow fell across the carolinas saturday night triggering several accidents and knocking out power to more than 100,000 customers. while it may look like a winter wonderland in new york city it doesn't feel that way. we are joined now by maria rafferty who is braving the elements outside of our studio. >> you want to talk about a winter wonderland there are a
and 25 arrivals. most of those going to jfk and newark. boston and philadelphia also affected by this. delta, american, united had canceled planes approached the day. i were to step of the way and show you the counter. there are people they're trying to rebut their flights. american is trying to fly it redeye to jfk but not sure if it is into a true. some people being told it could be two- three days before they get out of here. but as will some video essentially the lines. these are the people that are in line because their flights were canceled. a lot of frustrated faces. a lot of people and sells loans prayed trying to do whatever they can to rebut it. they're trying to go to the east coast and needed to read a book about flights. their flights were canceled again today. there's some people that need to rebut that they are actually being told that it does not matter what carrier day on it will be days before they get out. a look at what some passengers are going through. >> we went up to the front and it turns that they do not have another flight until the 30th, that is their state
in december. look how much more we could see. snowfall totals possible still around an inch or 2 in boston. 5, 6 inches through new england. then the wind gust potential. the peak wind gusts, 80 miles an hour through cape cod. possibly wind gusts through 60 miles an hour. winds bust thing here in new york city around 40 miles per hour. even though the snow is tapering down, we're not done with the storm. not by a long shot. >> and that's the point. lots of people stranded. hundreds here on the subway. john hamilton stuck on a subway for over six hours. here's an excerpt from an interview. >> going into six hours, 20 minutes. they're giving us the usual. telling us there will be a rescue train. there's though rescue. there's no heat on the train. we can't use bathrooms. people are coming from the airports. some people from work. we're in the eating. we're like captive audience. we can't move. we're stuck here. and it's cold. and transit authority is not giving us any answer. people are mad, people are sleeping, people are crying. it's a mixture of all different emotions. but we're s
will notice that philadelphia picked up a foot of snow. boston, 11 inches and snowing hard. other areas, a little less. this is not a storm that's going up and down the east coast. balt mohr and also washington, d.c., this storm was a miss for you. now as far as the current radar, it's finally stopping in new york city, at least for a break. philadelphia, just light snow for you. the heavy snow is coastal jersey and albany and now in boston. i'll tell you how much more it's going to snow and take a look at the wind chills and wind gusts. this is a day to stay inside, really, from philadelphia northward and let the plows do their jobs. >> those folks in baltimore dodged a bullet. >>> egypt is deeply saddened by a traffic accident that killed eight americans and injured 20 others. the group's tour bus was traveling to a temple in the southern part of the country when it collided with a damaged truck. martin fletcher reports. >> reporter: they are american survivors of a terrible crash. the eight americans killed, six were women, two men. 20 more injured, two of them critically. >> we are
along coastal interior. boston, maybe an inch or so. still, from what's fallen overnight, we could be dealing with slick roads and lake-effect bands are making their way towards pittsburgh. notice the cool temperatures this morning. either way, it's decent weather. especially this afternoon travelwise from d.c. back through atlanta. boston might have some isolated travel delays. no problems around chicago. there's a look at the region. let's check out your local forecast. philly coming in with 37 degrees today. pittsburgh dealing with snow showers. but philly is coming in quiet. tampa, 66 degrees, a beautiful day out there. chicago, chilly, but settled for your travel. memphis coming in with 44. lynn, looking pretty good across much of the country. i'm glad we can talk about a quiet down, especially in california. >>> stocks glow, banks bubble and the purse raises thousands for charity. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, the latest subject of diplomatic u.s. cables leaked by wicky leak pp is anna nicole smith? >> boise state hits the jackpot in vega
. but that's happening to people all across the country, trying to get to the east coast, new york and boston airports, and obviously people back in new york and boston trying to get here through the snow. meredith went worth is stuck halfway home to boston, after a visit to australia. steady snowfall back east forced cancellation of her flight. >> i was supposed to fly out tonight and i'm now stuck here until wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. >> not a bad thing to be stuck in san francisco. >> no, it's not, but i've been in the air for 14 hours already today. so i'm just looking forward to getting into a hotel room. >> reporter: it's been a bad day for flights from sfo to the east coast. 29 flights have been canceled so far. the airport looks deserted. >> i believe they are calling their airlines ahead of time like we've been asking them to do, and getting the information, not heading out to the airport if their flight's been canceled. >> reporter: shawn in a farmer headed to the u.s. east coast from new zealand says she's been in the clothes she's wearing for two days and determined to get whe
in along the coast here, even just about into boston, kept snowfall totals down just a little bit. computers are still projecting during the day today anywhere between one to two feet here, especially the high terrain for the berkshires, green and white mountains through central maine. so this storm is not over yet. our friends in northern new england will deal with it all day today. i mention the windchill, not just new england. look at chicago, 7, minneapolis at zero. even atlanta, 13 windchill. that's a quick look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. we're going to continue to watch areas like boston, all through new england. that's where the worst conditions will be during the day today. it's going to be windy, not just today, even into tonight and even into tomorrow morning. so unfortunately for the kids, not a day to be outside. i think, veronica, that's probably the worst part of this storm is that it's just so windy, that a lot of the kids can't take advantage of it. they're not in school. it's going to be hard to go out and play
north carolina to maine are digging out from up to 3 feet of snow. south of boston, the storm causes flooding and fires. new york city has seen five worse storms since it started keeping records nearly 150 years ago. >> i thought more streets would be cleared, but when i came out, i realized how bad it was. >> reporter: snow fell 2 to 3 inches an hour, trapping more than 500 subway passengers. >> nine hours. no heat, no nothing. >> reporter: new york three major airports reopened last night. it is easier to move tons of snow than passengers stranded nationwide by nearly 7,000 canceled flights. >> i came from milwaukee to cleveland and i got canceled after i came here and i am waiting on a flight to providence. >> i was supposed to go out at 11:50 and now it's until thursday. >> reporter: boston logan airport could be friday before every stranded passenger is rebooked. >> it's almost like having three storms. the snow, and the heavy winds and then when we get to melting at the end of the week we have to scrape again. >> reporter: travel is a little better by train. amtrak warns passe
, philadelphia, new york, boston does not get this storm. this is literally isolated just to that area between richmond and d.c. >> lucky them. bill, thanks so much. >>> grinches take hold on wall street. beer is booming and the world's most expensive christmas tree. your "first look" at this morning's business headlines straight ahead. >>> coming up sydney crosby puts his scoring streak on the line. a great finish between the knicks and the celts. >>> welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. here's some top news. greece's government is condemning violent protest that's rupted across athens yesterday as demonstrators angry over budget cuts clashed with police, torched cars and hurled gasoline bombs. arriving was part of the country's seventh general strike. but unionsup set over a set of austerity measures meant to pull greece out of its worst financial crisis since world war ii. >>> a russian soyuz spacecraft is headed towards the international space station after blasting off from kazakhstan carrying an american, russian and italian expected to stay there for nearly six months. >>> the
from waington to boston. there could be signicant travel problems. so just keep this in mind as you may have pls for the weekend as millions d. looking at radar, we ha a few flurries out in weste maryland, highlands of west virginia anclouds comin through now. it's abit milder this morning. temperatures around the freezing mark in the suburbs. reagan national is at in western marylandnd wes virginia. a few locations in the upper 20, around the bay, virginia. over the last 12ours we have seen sme of the high cloudess coming in. flurries out of the mountains riht now. a small chance tween w and 9:00. after that, we're gng to get a ttle sunshine breing off this afternoon sunrise, 7:23. sunset, 4:50. let's check traffic for this dnesday morning. ashleyindher is joining us. how is it loong? >> good morning. they're in the process of picking up overnight road construction. we had a heaping helping around the capital ltway. most oft has been cleared. no early trouble spo to speak of. 270 sohbound, you're all clear. o issues down towards the beltway. joe and lindsay, back to you. >> ashley, th
're seeing theost problems up the northeast corridor, especially i new york and boston. in new yo alone, more than 1,400 flights canceled. that has a trckle-down effect aoss the cotry. here at national, i notic there were cancellations -- i'd say abt 25% of flights are canced out of national airport. anywhere from l.a. to miami, to ncun, to boston. so the entireountry is affecd by the bad winter weather. wedid dodge something of a bullet here. of course, just terrible windy conditions but not a lot of snow on the ground. th whole country is impacted by the sow and southern airports. reporting live at reagan national, kberly suiters. eun and pat, back to you. >> thanks, kimberly. >> the snow that did fall yesterday hit parts o southern marylandfirst, and peoplethere spent most of the day getting read ultimately, not much fell but it was enough to send oppers searing for salt and plows. hammer pellets are used for fuel for heating a cooking. drivers were making their own preparations. >> thesmall roads are horrle, horrib. unpassable. 10 miles per hour, if at. a lot of praying and ju barely keep
jersey at one point. that was impressive. >> that's biblical. >> delaware to boston. this was an epic storm. >> you called it. >> that's the word charlie wanted me to talk about. eastern shore wound up with five to 12 inches of snow. and waiting for the latest morning reports. there's some out there. blizzard conditions delaware up to boston. the baltimore snow, we have had snow reported for 12 hours. and we wound up with an inch to two in the area. more snow reports coming up later. we have go this band of snow on maryland's most powerful doppler radar and it burst over anne arundel county, slid through annapolis and easton is get it right now. this may add an inch or two to came brag. -- cambridge. wind are doing it. 51-mile-per-hour push in just the last 10 minutes in catonsville. we have a windy day here as temperatures will stay well below that normal of 43. let's go to the roads with kim. >> reporter: justin, we are dealing with one accident right now and that one is in anne arundel county. on route 100 getting on the ramp to southbound 97. you will find police on the scene ther
's coming their way, i believe up to an inch they're expecting in the metro area there and again, boston is the spot we're talking about that could get some 20 inches of snow, 20 inches of snow. our reynolds wolf standing by, been a very busy man this morning. we talk about this snow, talk about flights, we also got to talk about a lot of people driving. the roads are treacherous. you take it away. >> absolutely my brother, it's going to be an interesting day. for a lot of people across the country they're bracing for what is to come. if we go back in time a little bit believe it or not on the east coast we're dealing with something at one time a storm system that was affecting parts of the west coast, bringing some heavy rainfall, bringing skap r scattered snow showers, and now moving off the eastern seaboard and let's show you the result of that. as we zoom in on the carolinas, it is easy to see where we have the rain, it is coming down right now and just to beat the band on the outer banks. crossing over into parts of the plains and mountains everything begins to change. one side tem
at rockefeller plaza. now it's moving up north, hammering boston. we're going to get live reports from up and down the coast. i'm willie geist. it's great to be back with you. joe and mika have the week off. i'll be here all week. this morning we're talking is a little while about snow. winter storm warnings up and down the east coast. still one in effect here in new york city until noon. really the story now is up in the boston area where the snow is still dumping. the mayer and governor deval patrick of massachusetts asking people just stay home. thousands of flight cancellations have stranded people this holiday weekend. the newark airports closed until noon. that's backing things up across the country. let's go right now where the story is to the boston area where we find the weather channel's mike seidel. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. the snow and wind continue up here in the boston suburbs. we've had about a foot of snow across the area except on the cape out there. temperatures this morning around 40. the center of the storm as bill will show you in a minut
. there was flooding in boston. new york city had seen only five or worse storms since it started keeping records 150 year ago. bad it was.d how >> subway passengers were trapped in new york. 9 hours without heat. >> quiet came from milwaukee to cleveland and it got canceled. >> now it is going to be thursday. >> it could be friday before every stranded passenger gets re-blocooked. >> we will have to scrape the roads again at the end of the week after it starts melting. >> cancellations between boston and washington possible today. abc news. >>> in massachusetts, 20-30-foot waves inundated the down with water. and flooding caused an electrical fire the spread from one house to another. firefighters rescued dozens of people from their houses. >>> the nfl is canceling sunday's game between the philadelphia eagles and the minnesota vikings over concerns for the fans and the weather. the pennsylvania governor called the decision a joke and said we are becoming a nation of woosies. >>> all washington redskins player faces dui charges. joe joseph was detained after a single vehicle accident. he returned wi
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